Professional & Adult Athletic Performance

The one thing Pros and weekend warriors thrive on is competition, either with the other team, the other person or, just with their personal best.

Low Back Pain Management

Back pain doesn’t need to rule your life. TrainSmart is on the cutting edge of therapy and training for clients with back, and related hip and leg pain.

Chronic Pain Mitigation

Pain. TrainSmart can help you overcome it.

Stress Management

Good physical and mental health isn’t about totally eliminating stress, it's about putting it in the right perspective at the right doses to grow strength and resilience.

Mobility/Flexibility Improvement

Most adults, including some world class athletes, don't move properly. Bad life habits and old-school training models typically embed improper movement patterns that limit our power, balance and flexibility. In fact, the inability to move properly limits performance and causes many instances of pain and injury.

Diabetes Management Exercise

Exercise is essential to diabetes care. TrainSmart is especially adept at working with clients who are working hard to manage their diabetes.


Diet. Weight loss. Nutrition. Don't be confused.

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